Amazing action shot by Brian:D I love the cap fwoosh!

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Anonymous sent:

ahhhh/// i was wondering, do you have a tutorial on how you made lucinas falchion?

Hi anon! Unfortunately I don’t, but I can make a picture series detailed how I made it! I took photos at most steps. I’ll try to put something together this week if you’d like! :D


Worbla Smoothing Tutorial by CoreGeek 

View the full tutorial here:

Ooo useful!


Probably my favorite pic so far from AX.

I don’t know if anyone else has Tumblrs but feel free to add them if you/they do!


Close up of my Reyson cosplay by Kris, and a group photo by Jim Lee! :D I know the lacing on the gloves aren’t official, but I actually really like the look!

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Amazing, AMAZING shot of our heron siblings cosplay from Anime California 2014! :D It actually makes my derptastic cosplay look presentable ahahaha…

Reyson: Panngelicious Cosplay

Rafiel: Tacsigh

leanne: Bananie Cosplay

Photography and editing: BLINK it photography

These costumes were a nightmare. Nothing worked everything broke but SOMEHOW WE MANAGED TO BUST OUT REYSON, RAFIEL, AND LEANNE FOR ANIME CALIFORNIA!! More photos to come!

tacsigh was Rafiel and our friend Annie was Leanne.

I was Reyson. XD

Next project!! Now to line everything…..

This is what happens when derp occurs during a photoshoot. LOL.

Grandmaster Robin and Lucina stealing (and failing to use) each others weapons. Lucina may or may not be trying to sell off that tome. I think Robin’s trying to eat Falchion. D8


Possessed!Mother!Robin: tacsigh

Lucina derp photo by Kris

Robin derp photo by BananieCosplay

First set of SDCC photoshoot photos ahoy! I ADORE these photos! I see places where I can improve for next time already, but man I’m soooo happy with how these came out (especially that first photo!)  And big big shoutout to tacsigh for being my possessed!Grima!Robin because even though I got no sleep friday night helping rush her cosplay it turned out ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. YEEEEEEE *HAPPY FANGIRL SQUEALS*

Shortly after this Lucina escaped possessed mother Robin and returned to the past to recruit help. *cough* |D

Grandmaster Robin: tacsigh

Photography and editing by Kris