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Hi there! Your Lucina boots (and the rest of the costume itself, of course) are gorgeous -- could you share with us how you got around to getting them/making them? Thank you so much :^)

Thanks! I am working on a bootcover tutorial, but I’m afraid it’s taking me a really long time to get it up. @A@ I’ll try to have it up by the end of the month though!

I’ve finally gotten off my lazy butt and continued working on Falchion. Ahhh I have no idea what I’m doing, I hope it turns out good! ;A;

*dusts off blog* It’s certainly been a while since I’ve posted anything! My friends and I did something fun today and wore each others cosplays! I borrowed Annie’s bride costume for a few Bride Lucina pictures! :D Hopefully more to come!

We did a shoot a few weeks ago with the amazing Brian Calilung! He’s a brilliant photographer, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. :D We were lucky enough to have a Chrom, Tactician and Lucina, so we re-enacted a few scenes from the game. :D 

This one’s when Lucina tries to kill the Tactician. That second shot took about 50 tries because our Tactician could not stop smiling, it’s like he wants to be killed. D: I might post the bloopers sometime, they’re pretty hilarious. XD

On another note, I started a Cospix account! I’m still in the process of uploading photos, so there isn’t much yet, but please follow me there as well! :D

Lucina by me

Tactician by Ken

Chrom and Falchion by Alex

Phtography and photoediting by Brian

DeviantArt || World Cosplay || Cospix


This was meant for Valentine’s Day but Fire Emblem can be for anytime right?

Me as the Avatar and Bananie as Tharja. We did this as part of a shoot for Valentine’s Day that was supposed to be “Confession” scenes but we obviously deviated from this. We all ended up having a load of fun goofing around and playing around as the characters.

Borrowed the coat from my buddy Alex, who seems to have cosplayed every single FE: Awakening character…except female characters but we never know right ;)? 

Also from our FE confession photoshoot. :>

zaoronthephantom sent:

Hi there. I just wanted to let you know that my Lucina progress is going really well (I'm Goraiou on deviantart). I just wanted to ask how you secured the arm straps on your arm. Did you use hot glue to attach them to the armor?

AH That is good to hear! I’m sorry about the late reply, I got completely distracted this past week. @A@ I secured the arm straps with hot glue onto the armor itself, and I used both elastic and an actual pleather belt from a pair of old boots. xD

Taking a break from Lucina to do some fashion shoots! :D The shoot was done at UCSD, and the dress is by DKNY. We have some funny outtakes from this shoot that I’ll post another time. :D 

I feel like such a fabu lady hohoho. I think I’ll be manly for the next photoshoot, though. My masculinity is demanding some screen time. xD

Photography and editing by Annie

Some other photos from our FE confessions shoot (including the original Lucina picture from the Valentine’s set here). I’m not entirely sure what happened with me and Inigo but we can clearly dorks. |D

Lucina by me

Inigo by Alex

Tactician by Ken

Photography and editing by Annie

mashyspikeplates sent:

hello! in that valentines post with the cosplays, were the photos shot at balboa park in san diego? just wondering.

Why yes it is! Good eye!

Photoshoot at hosp park! We are dorks.