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also jsyk i couldn't find your follow button on your page and had to follow you on the tumblr dash! just thought you'd like to know but holy jeez your lucina is. not fair. why are you so attractive.

Ffff I replied to this in the other post but tumblr ate it. ;v; I’ll try to fix my theme so the follow button is more visible! I’m not…quite sure where to start with that though. OTL And ahhh I’m so glad you like my Lucina! ;v; Thank you so much! It’s 50% Brian the amazing photographer though, he made me look amazing. :DD

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dude i think we're in the same fire emblem cosplay group on facebook! are you panngeline yu?

YAH that’s me! :D and yeeee I’m so happy you’re in the group! ;v; FE cosplay buddy!

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o mg how did u make your falchio n im crying so ha rd

A lot of tears ;v;

I started with a pine wood base and used a oribtal sander to shape the blade. Then I used syntra for most of the details, worbla for the super curvy parts because I gave up on syntra, and finally craft foam for the very small details because worbla is expensive and too thin.

Before I added any of the details, though, I first wraped the hilt in pleather and used apoxie to hide every hole I made when I messed up. I also used apoxie to shape the pomel and fill out the sides of the circular guard.

The teardrop hole in the middle was cut using a jigsaw and then fixed/shaped using more apoxie and a file. 

I hope that helps! ;v; There are definitely cheaper ways to make Falchion than the method I used, but I really, really wanted a wooden sword. I wish I was good enough to make it 100% wood (I’ve seen a few and they were GORGEOUS), but alas I have no idea how to approach the guard with wood so I used a mishmash of everything. xD

AMAZING photos of my Lucina cosplay by Brian Calilung Media! We did the shoot with a giant group of us at Balboa park the other day and it was glorious. So many beautiful cosplayers and photographers! :D

More photos to come!!

DeviantArt || World Cosplay || Cospix

My friend found this actually not derp photo of me and my friend as Yuffie and Aerith! :D

Photo by LadyZombie

Photos from our summer scramble shoot at PMX 2013! Wow so long ago. oAo

Photography and editing by Daniel Wright

Preview of my Klavier Gavin cosplay, debuted at AX 2014! I already see ways to make this cosplay better, but at the moment I’m very happy with it. :D

Photo and editing by Ricky Lam photography


Lucina: panngeliciouscosplay

Olivia: spitfireia


Hi everyone! I finally decided to make my own facebook page for my cosplays. Please follow me there as well! :D I don’t have many photos up (it’s like 90% Lucina right now), but expect more soon!



Probably my favorite pic so far from AX.

I MISSED THIS…opportunity lost qq

OH WE LOOK SO COOL!! I was the Lucina!

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